Your In-Store & Online Checkout

Fastlane creates a modern, online shopping experience by keeping the car buying process transparent and expedient.


Modern Shopping Experience

Finally, an online experience that makes it easy for the customer to buy from the comfort of their own home.

Increased Sales + Productivity

Expand the reach of your dealership while increasing the productivity of your sales team.

Complete Online Process

Manage trade in vehicles, F&I products, and e-contracts through the Fastlane flow.

Protect F&I Dollars

Service and protection packages are automatically offered based on the customer's needs.

A Complete Solution


Whether used on a desktop or mobile device, the app provides a seamless car buying experience from start to finish.


Here's the Deal


Fastlane provides unique service offerings both online and in-store, without sacrificing F&I dollars. 



Increase Sales

Provide your customers with the online buying experience they want while expanding your dealership's reach with an online store.


Trade In Vehicle

Provide an instant offer from Edmunds on a trade in vehicle.

Improve Productivity

Increase the productivity of your sales team with our self-servicing online storefront.


Customizable Add Ons

Completely customizable add ons for service plans, pre-paid maintenance, warranties, gap insurance, etc.

Offers & Incentives

Allow customers to easily identify which offers and incentives will add value to their purchase.


Cash, Finance, or Lease

Instant financing offers are made and applied to the deal. Customers can desk their own deals in real-time and make adjustments based on actual numbers and credit score.

100% Secure

Each step of the Fastlane Checkout Flow is automated, so credit and personal information is fully secure.


In-Store Pickup or Home Delivery

Upon completing their purchase, the customer can choose between in-store pickup or home delivery of their new vehicle.


+ Increase sales by expanding reach

+ Increase productivity using our self-service online checkout

+ Upgrade to the new age of car buying



+ Shop from the comfort of their own home

+ Get instant trade in and finance offers

+ Have option of in-store pickup or home delivery


How It Works

Finally, a car buying process more modern than a vending machine.

The Fastlane Button

Whether at home or at the dealership, customers can buy or lease by clicking the Fastlane button on the dealership website.

Fastlane Flow

Fastlane walks the customer through trade ins, warranties and add ons, incentives and rebates, financing, payment and e-contracting.


Fastlane makes the car buying process easy and efficient. To top it off, the customer has the choice of in-store pickup or home delivery.


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